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Sunbike Driver

Vehicles, on-board service and equipment

Travel comfortably aboard one of our specially equipped vehicles to meet all your requirements .

Do not hesitate to specify the type of mission you want so that we can offer you the most suitable vehicle.

Tourism class, c tired of business, sedan or minibus. We offer you a range of tourism and touring vehicles that are particularly pleasing to the complete equipment, in addition to a large number of accessories entirely at your disposal.

Equipment and accessories

  • Wi-Fi
  • Television and multimedia
  • Treats
  • Mineral water li>
  • Child, baby and booster seat
  • From 1 to 7 passengers

    Onboard service

    Also, you inform us at all times of your needs on board the vehicle. Indeed, like a professional concierge service, we will ensure your material and administrative logistics aboard the car as at your office.