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Terms and conditions
SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER is a service company whose main activity is the transportation of persons for a fee. The company’s secondary activity is in freight transportation and can adapt to the customer’s handling needs as well as the management of all logistics related to its two activities.

Validation of a reservation

Any prior reservation to a request for transport can be considered valid only after confirmation of the SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER by written return.

Booking module
Please note that each booking request made through the booking module on the homepage must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Last minute booking
Any request for last-minute reservations must be made either by mail or by phone and upon receipt of a written confirmation by SARL SUNBIKE DRIVER in return.

All reservations are considered void from the moment the customer details are not communicated to the company in their entirety (telephone number, e-mail).

Package amount
Any request made via the booking module on the homepage must be precise as to the address (es) indicated. In the case where the address does not correspond exactly to the journey actually made, a regularization may be applied directly by the driver and as he considers legitimate or not.


Any request for cancellation must include a written reason. Regarding an airport transfer or a single trip: The cancellation period for a reservation is at least 2 hours before the requested pick-up time and for a trip from 0 to 39 kms maximum. After this period, any payment made is considered as having been made.


SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER reserves the right to keep the deposit or the total amount pre-set by the customer if the latter does not respect the condition (s) of cancellation.

Any booking request made by the customer may be canceled at least 4 hours before the pick-up time for any distance between 40 and 99 kms. A day for distances ranging from 100 to 250 kms. 36 hours before for all other distances. After this period, any payment made is considered as having been made.


Any delays or cancellations of flights caused by airlines or railways and provided that the customers concerned have previously notified SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER. Also, all strikes and other events preventing the legitimate care of customers. Exceptional conditions (traffic accidents, deaths, disasters etc.) on proof.

Delays in public transport services

SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER considers that the customers are not responsible for the delays caused by the public transport services. The handling by SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER will be carried out as far as possible according to the ability of the latter to find the solution according to the schedule and therefore the availability of its drivers.

In the specific case of an impossibility of support by the services of SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER, the amount of the deposit or the total amount of the reservation will be refunded to the customer in its entirety.

Of course, SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER is not responsible for the incompetence of public transport services. The SUN BIKE DRIVER SARL can not be held liable in any way for the non-coverage of customers who have been the subject of one or more requests for prior reservation and no compensation of any kind whatsoever.

Animal transport

The SARL SUN BIKE DRIVER accepts according to the French legislation and since the law authorizes it, the transport of domestic animals belonging at least to one of the transported passenger and provided that all the measures of hygiene and security be respected. No wild animals can be allowed. Of course, the driver of the SARL SUNBIKE DRIVER reserves the right to refuse any animal whose owners do not respect the said conditions and according to the instructions given by it.

Degradation of equipment and vehicle

In case of accidental or deliberate degradation of the vehicle or any equipment and accessories made available to the customer (Breakage and damage, dirt, neutralization of an accessory or vehicle etc.). SARL SUNBIKE DRIVER may automatically request the refund of the insurance deductible or the amount of all damages caused by the customer (s) in case the insurance itself does not support the damage committed by the latter (s).

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