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Get away from time with our dedicated business service!

Indeed, the business service is to take care of all the tedious tasks that fall to you. Our goal is, first, to respond in real time to an immediate need. This is generally the area of ​​attribution of your private driver since he is also your personal assistant. Secondly, to carry out various occasional or regular works, whether they are urgent or not. Finally, some details are important enough to be treated seriously. The goal is not to be overwhelmed. Also, to ensure the smooth running of some work in progress which you entrust to us the monitoring and the follow-up.

Examples of our attributions:
More concretely, we propose you the management of your archives (state, classifications, search of files etc.). Also, we take care of your administrative procedures with your customers, suppliers and partners such as law firms and notary offices, taxes, various departments of town halls, courts, consulates etc.

Moreover, we can take care of the partial or complete management of your events:

– Organization of workspaces at the office, outside
– Assembly, disassembly / reassembly of furniture
– Installation of your exhibition stand
– Management of logistics and supplies
– Customer and employee transport
– Removals and handling
– Deliveries folds and parcels

Use the potential of your partner!
On the other hand, your needs may be irregular but they do not allow you to call one of your employees too busy. As well, we can establish a strategy to enable it to take over or establish effective collaboration.

The benefits of business service:
– Versatility
– Time saving
– Single contact
– Availability, flexibility
– Cost control, invoice 30 days end of the month

Sunbike Driver Business Service, make every effort to succeed.

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