Business class
Of course, in business class your driver can be contacted at any time on his mobile line. In this way, it records your needs in real time. The particularities related to your support, your constraints and other requests. In close relationship with your assistant. In particular, it manages your last minutes. Advance, delay and other specificities even if he can not intervene himself. This way of working is one of the features of business class.

In other words, your private driver adapts to the particularity of your profession. In the same way, it is able to anticipate your logistics needs in the vehicle as at your office. On the other hand and in the manner of a assistant or second , he is able to effectively perform various tedious tasks for you. Finally, it is layered on your schedule to allow you to focus on your essentials. In addition, you read about some of its responsibilities by following the links business services and package delivery .

Your new assistant

Indeed, thanks to the business class your driver assists you on your travels and adapts to any type of mission. Moreover, its main asset is its flexibility . You appreciate its versatility, which allows you to optimize your day and for good reason you chain business appointments. In addition, he works closely with your assistant and second to him throughout the mission.

A regulator for your conferences

Also, for all your events, seminars, meetings, fairs and other congresses. We put at your disposal our regulator. It is he who since the original : – background – original – background – original – background – original – background -clip: initial; color: # 330b0b; text-decoration-line: underline; ” Nice airport, for example, is in charge of welcoming and directing groups of people, customers, guests and employees to shuttles with corresponding driver. Its goal is to manage each mission according to its specificity by adapting to the possibilities of developments of the latter.

In other words, it aims to make every effort to optimize all travel and find the best solutions. Here are the specifics of the business class.

Private driver business class Nice Cannes Monaco
Un régulateur pour vos congrès

Aussi, vous bénéficiez du service d’un régulateur spécialiste de l’organisation en logistique humaine et matériel pour tous vos événements, séminaires, congrès et autres réunions importantes. Par exemple, lors de l’arrivée des participants, ce dernier accueille et dirige sous forme de groupes de personnes, clients et fournisseurs vers les navettes correspondantes. Enfin, votre régulateur a en permanence un œil rivé sur la situation en temps réel des vols pour les arrivées à l’aéroport de Nice Côte d’Azur ou de Cannes Mandelieu.

En d’autres termes, le régulateur a pour objectif de tout mettre en œuvre afin d’optimiser tous les déplacements et ainsi trouver les meilleures solutions en vous permettant au passage de réduire au maximum les déplacements et donc maîtriser le coût du service.

Résumé du service
  • Assistant polyvalent
  • Disponibilité et flexibilité
  • Espace de travail optimisé
  • Assistant régulateur : logistique de terrain
  • Facturation à 30 ou 60 jours, paiement par chèque ou virement bancaire