Baby seats and booster seats

Baby seats and booster seats

As far as is concerned children have to travel in optimal safety conditions even during a short trip. Anyway, our cars and minibus with driver are equipped for your family.

Indeed, we equipe each vehicle with baby seats and booster seats corresponding to the age and maorphology of each child.

On top of that, we offer several other accessories adapted to your request. Obviously, each car seatshould match the age and weight of the child. In this way, the latter travels safely aboard a particulary comfortable seat in which he can move a fall and asleep.

The characteristics and specificities depending of the seats may vary, which is why we regulary replace our child seats.

The different systems

Fixed or swivel baby seats with lashing system by belt  or Isofix.

U.E. certified standars

rehausseur sieges enfant booster seats

baby seat chauffeur

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